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Do you enjoy being sold to?

You must have an opinion on this because sometimes it can feel like we're being sold to all of the time.

The flow of sales emails, LinkedIn messages, cold calls, and creepy ads sometimes feels like it will never end. If you're anything like me, you probably block most of this out to focus your attention on the people and brands who you already know, like, and trust.

I rarely enjoy listening to strangers who barge into my life to persuade me to give them money or time. I need to see what value I will get first.

Actively deciding to do something on my own is a much better feeling than doing it on the back of an advert or some other type of blatant persuasion. I'm far less suspicious that way.

So how do you remove that suspicion? Showing people what you can do for them before trying to sell them anything is a great place to start.

It's difficult to do your best work in front of a tough crowd

It's easier to ask people for money or time if you do this once they know, like, and trust you.

Being generous with how much knowledge you are willing to share for free is a powerful way to build a receptive audience.

To help illustrate this through an example, let's say you've moved to a new town and need to find a dentist. Would you be more likely to contact a dentist with nothing but a list of services on their website, or a dentist who has a website crammed with amazing free advice on how to look after your teeth as well?

How about a dentist who cold calls you?

Content is one of the most powerful ways of building trust and credibility, and these two things are especially important if you're trying to get customers online.

Clients and opportunities are far more difficult to discover if you keep your personality and knowledge hidden away from them.

Try sharing more of it for free. Who knows what opportunities it will open up.


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