Clear and concise writing helps content marketing writers pack more information into fewer words.

This can reduce the risk of readers getting confused, frustrated, or feeling like they're wasting their time. You don't want any of these things to happen, and neither do your bosses or your clients.

As soon as your content stops being interesting or useful, your readers are either going to disappear completely or, if you're lucky, they might skim-read your blog post to hunt for any juicy bits.

You want your whole blog post to be a juicy bit

It's far easier to keep your readers engaged when every sentence does a job or adds value for the reader.

Keep your readers engaged instead of encouraging them to run a constant calculation about which sections they can skip past and how much they can get away with ignoring.

People don't have the time to digest information that is of no use to them, it's rude of you to think they do.

Write on purpose

When you write clearly and concisely you give the impression that you are writing on purpose. This purpose should ideally be reader-focused. Think about who will be reading your work and what you want them to take away from it.

Try to avoid spending too much time on definitions and background information instead of addressing the topic you promise in your title. Discussing focused topics will let you cover them in-depth and reduce the risk of too much waffle.

Jargon is an enemy. It doesn't make you look smart, you'll often find it's treated with suspicion, and it can reduce the strength of your writing. You need to be sure that your audience will understand any jargon or acronyms that you haven't defined, and don't bother using and defining any that your readers don't need to know.

Know your audience

Be careful not to take things too far. If your writing is too concise, and your audience aren't provided with enough information to understand the point you're making, they won't take much away from your content.

In the end, as with so many aspects of content marketing, this all boils down to one key point: know your audience and write for them.

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Say More With Less Words

It's far easier to keep your readers engaged when every sentence does a job or adds value for the reader.