Hi, I’m Oli Sharman

Are you looking to make content marketing a bigger focus for your business?

Is managing everything yourself starting to do your head in?

Let me give you a hand.

I'm a freelance content marketing writer and strategist helping technology businesses attract, engage, and retain customers.

What exactly do I do?

In a nutshell:

I help technology businesses translate technical products and services into clear content marketing materials that their audiences love.

Three reasons to hire me

  1. I care about what I do, so do it as well as I can.
  2. I offer flexible and transparent pricing.
  3. Unlike working with an agency, I'll both manage our relationship and do all of the work.

Some background

Before I discovered content marketing, I sold things including financial derivatives, skateboards, trainers, arcade machines, software, and newspapers.

While I was studying in the evenings for my English degree, I worked in nursing for the NHS where I sold cups of tea, thermometers, and blood pressure machines to people stuck on hospital wards.

It's a varied background, and that was an intentional choice.

Then, with the help of my degree and a load of online marketing courses, I fell head over heels in love with content marketing.

When I finished my most recent role as a marketing manager at The Economist, I moved to Italy where I've been working as a freelancer ever since.

My work is:

  • Clear
  • Useful for specific audiences
  • Focused on defined outcomes
  • Optimised for search, social, email, or whichever channel you're aiming at
  • Customised to fit with your tone of voice
Let's talk

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