Hi, I’m Oli Sharman

Freelance content marketing writer and strategist who helps tech businesses attract, convert, and retain customers.

I started freelancing full-time in March 2020 when I left my marketing job at The Economist and moved from London to Italy.

At The Economist I focused on subscription marketing for the magazine and also worked in the B2B events business.

I wrote for channels ranging from The Economist’s iOS apps, subscriber retention and engagement emails, to weekly B2B newsletters.

A varied career

Half of my 20s was spent working as a nurse in the NHS.

Before this, I worked in the financial markets for businesses including IG and Bloomberg.

My varied life helps me to write content that connects with customers and I’ve developed a knack for seeing things from their perspective.

And now?

I write content marketing material for tech businesses all over the world.

I’m a firm believer that tech content needs to be clearly written and provide real value to the people who read it.

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Enough about me, what about you?

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