Apple recently shared a great Q&A with its UX writing team from last year’s WWDC.

Lots of good insights here. If you’re a writer it’s worth checking out the article in full, but I want to share their advice for explaining technical concepts in simple terms:

First, remember that not everyone will have your level of understanding. Sometimes we get so excited about technical details that we forget the folks who might be using an app for the first time.

Try explaining the concept to a friend or colleague first — or ask an engineer to give you a quick summary of a feature.

From there, break down your idea into smaller components and delete anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Technical concepts can feel even more intimidating when delivered in a big block of text. Can you link to a support page? Do people need that information in this particular moment? Offering small bits of information is always a good first step.

This ‘delete anything that isn’t absolutely necessary’ applies to more than just good UX writing. It’s also solid advice for marketing copy, especially when talking to a broad audience about technical products. It’s so easy for readers to get lost and just give up on figuring out what you’re trying to say.

As they go on to say: “Clarity should always be the priority”.